National Stress Month may have just been and gone, but for many people moving house right now, the anxiety levels could still be dangerously high.

As we all know, moving home can really take it out of you in terms or worry, anger, frustration and many other negative emotions all rolled up into that big nasty ball of screams we call stress.

In fact, it’s not just said to be one of the most stressful things you can do. It’s been proven. A recent poll revealed that two thirds of people voted moving house top of their stress list, beating relationship breakdowns, divorce and starting a new job in terms of anxiety. Phew.

Here at Smoove Move, everything we do is designed to help you stay cool, calm and collected all the way from finding your new abode, to getting it just the way you want when you move in.

Before you download the free Smoove Move app and find out how we can make this easier every step of way, here are a few tips from our experts to help you stress-bust this nerve-wracking time.

Make time

The more breathing space you give yourself, the easier the whole thing will be. First off, don’t make a classic mistake and forget to allow a little overlap time between moving out and moving in. Even if it costs you a bit more in rent or mortgage costs, trust us – this is money well spent.

Secondly, give yourself enough time to complete all those moving like packing, switching energy provider and the umpteen other things you need to do.

Then take a long, hard look at your calendar and erase everything but the absolutely essential appointments during the move. This means work too, so book enough holiday to cover enough days either side of the move.

Make a realistic timing plan for the things you need to do before and show time who’s boss.


The major task most movers have to do is pack. Box very clever and never start doing this without a firm plan. There are various ways to do this, but one of the best is to move from room to room and be disciplined; don’t move to the next room until you have finished the one you’re packing. A great tip to avoid emptying boxes to retrieve important things is for everyone to pack a box each (or even a suitcase) with all their essentials. Just like you’re going on holiday but your destination is a new home.

When it comes to labelling your boxes, we’ve got that nicely covered in another Smoove Move blog here.

Packing, boxes, newspaper

Start to build up a good supply of these as soon as you can and you’ll save yourself loads of hassle and cash too if you get them for free. Most shops are happy for you to take away any waste cardboard boxes they may have and large supermarkets have now started to give them away to shoppers rather than flattening them. The boxes, not the customers. Free local papers are also a great thing to gather to use as packing material.


A wise mover once said “The less you have to move, the less stress you will carry.” Never a more accurate word spoken if you’re one of those people who prefers to get from A to B without going via A and E.

So let’s get ruthless. Before you pack anything, go through your home from top to bottom and declutter. Here’s one way to do it. Organise your worldly goods into three piles: Keep, Rehome and Bin. The first category is obvious. These are the things that will be making the move with you. The second group can be given away, Ebayed, Gumtreed or donated to your local charity shop. Third stuff hits the bin. Trust us, you’ll feel great for it afterwards.

Viva la difference

Okay, this one’s a bit more cerebral than practical, but equally important. One of the main things driving your urge to curl up in a corner and hide away from the world is your fear of the massive life change you are about to experience. It’s a huge emotional shock if you are pulling up established roots and moving somewhere new and strange. And a whole bigger heap of hassle if you’re moving kids to new schools or starting a new job into the bargain. So look at the positives, think about all the new things that could happen as a result of the move and embrace this exciting change.


Yes, obvious. But in the heat of the moment, and in particular the big day, many of us will simply forget to eat and then get bad-tempered and irritable later in the day when they should be celebrating their move. Stay focussed, nourished and most importantly, cheerful, by ensuring you build in at least two breaks for food – and remember to carry an emergency box of snacks just in case those pesky munchies strike when you’re on the move.

Accept help – or ask for it

When a friend asks “Is there anything I can do to help?” shout “Yes!” and immediately delegate a task for them to do. Every job somebody else takes care of is one less for you to worry about, so accept help whenever and wherever it’s offered.

If you’re quietly struggling with one of the many other jobs associated with moving, there’s no shame in asking for help. Whether it’s packing, shifting, decorating or driving, your friends should rally round if you ask them. Why not try sites like Helpfulpeeps to ask for a favour done and carry one out in return? You never know, you might just make your first friends in your new neighbourhood if you do!

Need to find or move home with lots less stress? The Smoove Move app is designed to lighten the load every step of the way.