Spring has most certainly sprung, and as the days get longer and brighter, dust and dirt have fewer shadows to hide in around your home.

In fact, we’ve probably all noticed that spring sunshine highlights some things we don’t want to see; like smeared windows, piles of clothes lurking in the corners of your bedrooms, crumbs under the fridge and many more signs that the long, dark months are over and the sun’s shining again.

Precisely why the tradition of the spring clean exists. A time-honoured tradition that sees house-proud folks make a fresh start in their homes by giving it a top-to-toe clean.

Not just a household chore, cleaning is a proven way to de-stress, can help you breathe better by removing dust and is also a great work out. What’s not to love?

Well, plenty if you’re anything like us. Because let’s face it, this is one task that most of don’t approach with unabashed enthusiasm.

Here at Smoove Move, we love helping you save time and hassle in every corner of your home. So we’ve found some ideas to help you make short work of your spring spruce-up:


The first stage of any effective clean is a good tidy. Decluttering your home is essential to make the most of the space and keep yourself that little bit saner into the bargain. So be ruthless and try and dispose of much of your unwanted bits and pieces as possible before you pick up a duster. Need a hand? Consult an expert like Marie Kondo whose book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever has sold an incredible 4 million copies in more than 30 countries.

Prepare yourself

With the right cleaning kit, the job will be over before you know it. We recommend a small but perfectly formed box of tricks than includes microfibre cloths, a sponge, duster, polish, all-purpose cleaner and disinfectant.


Like most jobs in life, giving yourself a clear and achievable objective will make the difference between success and failure. So whether you live in a palace or a 2-room flat, tackle one room at a time and don’t get distracted.

Prioritise the kitchen and bathroom

Which brings us nicely round to the two rooms you really should put at the top of your list for practical, comfort and aesthetic reasons; the kitchen and bathroom. These two rooms are the two most likely to show up dirt and grime which is not only nasty for you, your family and houseguests, it could also be a health hazard when it comes to things like food preparation. So roll your sleeves up and get these essential spaces cleaned first

Get a hoover that doesn’t suck

Make sure your vacuum cleaner is up to the job and buy the best you can afford. Your house and carpets will thank you, and if you have any allergies or respiratory problems you’ll soon notice the difference a dust-free home makes. Also, work on your hovering technique. Vacuum at a snail’s pace and you’ll remove over 80 percent more dust and allergens than if you rush. Don’t forget to use the nozzle attachments to get into every crevice where dust lurks.

Clean your windows

Dirty windows will become very apparent when the sun’s shining. Here’s a classic way to get them gleaming fast: Grab some distilled vinegar and mix one part to one part hot water. Clean your windows using the solution, then squeegee off. Remember to rinse and dry the window frames to avoid any damage. You can also mix the vinegar solution up in a spray bottle for ease of application. If your windows are really mucky, wash them with soapy water first.

Use your dishwasher

Yes, to wash all those dirty dishes. But did you know this handy piece of kitchen kit also has talents that allow it to handle a whole lot more? It will effectively wash lots more than crockery and cutlery and save you loads of elbow grease. Kids toys, for example. We all know how much dirt they seem to attract, but a cycle in the dishwasher (take any batteries out!) can leave them sparkling new and sanitised too.

Smoove Move is here to help everyone feel great about their home; from helping you find a local cleaner to getting a better mortgage, saving money on energy or connecting with a trusted local tradesperson.