Box clever with these golden rules

No matter how organised you’ve been packing your moving boxes, all that hard work could come undone in seconds if your labels let you down.

Whether you’re shifting your boxes yourself or have (sensibly) opted to find a removal specialist, a good system is what you need to ensure the right boxes end up in the right rooms at the other end.

And a simple, foolproof one at that. Because in the heat of the move, split second decisions are made that can cause all manner of confusion and stress. We have an inkling that you may not need anything else to worry about on the big day, so make sure you get the labelling right with help from Smoove Move.

Here are the rules according to the removers:

Know your code

There appear to be three options when it comes to the system you use for your moving boxes: colour code, number or write the name of the room. Oh yes, and a fourth; a combination of all three. The first two come out top with those who shift for a living, as not much can go wrong with numbers/colours because they’re quick and simple to follow. Bear in mind that even though you may know the purpose for the rooms in your new home, the movers won’t. Also, don’t forget that English isn’t everyone’s first language and numbers and colours are instantly recognisable.

Label the rooms…

An essential whichever system you use is to ensure that each room is clearly marked with your chosen colour or number. Even better, make a sheet identifying each room in your new home for prominent display in that room and on the door of each room. While ‘Mark’s Snug’ might mean something to you, it won’t mean much to the removal company. Give the movers a hand and make sure the rooms are as clearly labelled as your moving boxes.

…and the floors

If your new property is built over several floors, make sure you identify this in your labelling system too. For example, ‘Bedroom One Floor 3’.

Bigger the better

If you’re mega-organised, you’ll print out the labels. Chances are, you’ll be relying on the marker pen approach. Whatever you use, buy large ones, especially important if you are using old boxes to cover any old markings.

Don’t come unstuck

Self-adhesive labels don’t usually have the necessary strength to stay stuck onto your moving boxes throughout a long day with lots of handling. So make sure that your labels are firmly adhered using good quality gaffer or packing tape.

Keep it permanent

Always use permanent markers to ensure the labels don’t disappear in the rain or if things get wet. Make sure you have a few of these when you’re packing, as they have a habit of disappearing.

Cover all angles

Ensure each moving box is labelled on the top and two sides to ensure that their intended destination can be clearly seen when they’re stacked, or buried in the depths of the lorry or van.

Keep it together

Finally, don’t forget to clearly label any breakables like porcelain or crockery with ‘fragile’ labels on the top and each side. Try and use labels that use the international warning symbols as these can be recognised in seconds. The removers really do take note of these labels, and they can help get everything there in one piece.

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