Whether putting the spring back into that sleepy sofa, or breathing a funky new lease of life into chintzy chairs, furniture specialists are in big demand to upcycle, restore or create amazing new designs for unique interiors.

This guide should help you source a local furniture specialist with skills you can really feel comfortable with.

What they do

Furniture specialists restore, repair or make bespoke furniture for the home, replace padding and broken springs and clean delicate antique furniture.

They’re also experts in fabric and leather furniture repairs, cabinet repairs and even bed repairs.

Some furniture specialists work exclusively with modern bespoke pieces, creating stunning original pieces that fit your design ethos and interior styling.

What they charge

There are a few different factors that affect the price of furniture restoration:

  • Type of furniture you would like restored
  • Condition of the furniture
  • What materials and style of fabric are required for the job
  • The amount of time it will take

Only with all four of these in the equation can you receive an accurate quote for furniture restoration.

When it comes to reupholstery, one of the most popular furniture repair and restoration jobs, expect to pay (using standard fabric):

  • £500 – £600 to reupholster a two-seater sofa
  • £600 – £700 to reupholster a three-seater sofa
  • £300 for a wing chair

For bespoke pieces, you’ll get exactly what you want for your home but expect to pay anything from around £500 for a hand-made footstool to upwards of £3,000 for a wall unit with room for an integrated TV.

What to ask

When discussing quotes with furniture specialists, the following questions can give you the peace of mind that your repair or restoration will be carried out professionally and with care and attention:

  • Are the materials, including the fittings and the finish, appropriate?
  • Are the materials from sustained sources?
  • Will it last?
  • How do you ensure you meet fire regulation standards?
  • Can I visit your workshop to see what you’ll do?
  • How long will it take and will you do it here or take it away?
  • Is delivery and pick up included in price?
  • Do you have examples of previous work?

Trades to trust

The British Antique Furniture Restorers’ Association is a national organisation of craftsmen engaged in furniture conservation and restoration. It was founded in 1979 to safeguard the interests of owners and buyers of antique furniture and the antique trade.

The Association of Master Upholsterers and Soft Furnishers ensures that their members have had their work, premises and insurances thoroughly vetted to ensure they operate to a standard that maintains the integrity of the craft.

The law

All upholstered furnishings must comply with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 which sets levels of fire resistance for domestic upholstered furniture, furnishings and other products containing upholstery.

Ready to hire?

3 is the magic number

As always, try and get three quotes from three different furniture specialists to ensure you pay a fair price for the job.

Certification and references

Don’t be shy about asking for any relevant certification, proof of public liability insurance and references or photos from previous commissions. If the furniture specialist is trustworthy and competent, they’ll be pleased (and proud) to show you both.