Wooden flooring, whether it’s laminate, engineered wood or solid wood, can make a real difference to the looks and comfort of your home. But though many homeowners spend hours browsing catalogues and websites when choosing their flooring, they may spend mere minutes choosing the right person to install it.

Badly laid wooden floors don’t just look unsightly, they can also cause serious damage to the structure of your home. They can contract to cause gaps, expand to bulge and distort and even damage surrounding walls, leading to hefty replacement or repair bills.

So in the long run, it pays to be just as choosy with your installer as you are with your flooring material. This guide will help you find a local flooring specialist with all the skills required to help you get flawless flooring throughout your home.

What they do

A flooring specialist will:

  • Install a range of flooring materials
  • Be skilled in fitting parquet, laminate, stone, slate and wood flooring
  • Apply concrete screeding
  • Prepare floors and level
  • Repair, clean, maintain and restore flooring
  • Ensure doors are eased after flooring is installed
  • Fit door plates and any necessary flooring accessories

What they charge

From budget laminate at £3 per m2 to luxurious tropical hardwood at around £80 per m2, flooring is available in a huge range of styles and budgets. When it comes to installing, the costs vary too as some types of flooring are a lot quicker and easier to install than others.

For example, laminate can cost around £10 per m2 to fit while parquet flooring can see that price go up to £60 per m2 due to the complexity and skill involved.

As a rough guide, expect to pay £2,000 – £2,500 for 27m2 of oak flooring supplied and installed. The old carpet will be torn up and disposed of, and the under floor prepared as needed. This would drop to £1,100 – £1,400 for 27m2 of laminate wood flooring, supplied and installed.

And don’t forget the extras:

  • Lifting of old flooring (between £1.00 and £2.00 per m2)
  • Door easing (planing bottom to clear new flooring) – £10 – £15 per door
  • Dispose of old flooring – £15 – £20
  • Screed floor level – around £10.00 per m2
  • Ply boarding– £14.00 per m2
  • Moving furniture – around £20.00 per room

What to ask

  • What AC Rating is the laminate?
  • How will moisture from the sub floor and noise reduction be dealt with?
  • Are underlay and beading etc. included?
  • How long will it take?
  • Who will clear the room?
  • Will existing flooring and other waste material be removed and disposed of?
  • Will you ease doors to make the new door open with the new flooring?
  • Will flooring be acclimatised for a few days at room temperature?
  • Will skirting boards be fitted or replaced?

Trades to trust

The British Wood Flooring Association  is dedicated to raising the standard of wood flooring through education and training. Members work to their strict code of conduct for maximum reassurance.

The National Institute of Carpet and Floor Layers promotes excellence in flooring and assesses its members up the level of Master Fitter.

Ready to hire?

3 is the magic number

As always, try and get three quotes from three different flooring specialists to ensure you pay a fair price for the job.

Certification and references

Don’t be shy about asking for any relevant certification, proof of public liability insurance and references or photos from previous jobs. If the flooring specialist is trustworthy and competent, they’ll be pleased (and proud) to show you both.